The testimony given during the trial plus the entire record in the alleged rape case against Mr. Cabal does show that Texas law enforcement officials manipulated the two "young female thugs" to get Jesus Alberto Cabal in legal trouble, most likely following orders that came all the way from the White House. As further evidence of the conspiracy it has to be told that:

A. Jesus Alberto Cabal had been kept under 24-hour surveillance by at least the F.B.I since early 1982, which means that federal officials did know for a fact that the "young female thugs" had told him that they were "19 and 20 years old", that they wanted Mr. Cabal to buy them drugs (which he did not do), and also that they were "hookers" since this is what they stated in the living room of Mr. Cabal´s house.

B. Federal officials could have told Texas officials, at least, that to charge Mr. Cabal with "aggravated sexual assault" would be far from the truth since they knew exactly what had happened inside of Mr. Cabal´s house.

C. Mr. Cabal was already a political prisoner whose rights had been suspended via Executive Orders issued by Mr. Ronald Reagan in the early eighties denying him the right to receive compensation from his law suits filed in Federal Courts. In other words, President Reagan had literally removed him from the jurisdiction of the federal court system, and this is corroborated by the fact that the United States Supreme Court refused to hear Mr. Cabal´s challenge to the constitutionality of the Texas statute invoked to prosecute him. The Supreme Court disregarded the fact that most criminal lawyers in Texas do consider the law at issue as "unconstitutional", and as the equivalent to a "Bill of Attainder". Mr. Bush should have known that!

D. In the United States Federal law supersedes state law, thus, if the legal rights of Jesus Alberto Cabal had been suspended via Executive Order since the year of 1982; then, the state of Texas did not have the authority to prosecute him since "the moneys or "assets" (among other things) which literally had been "frozen" by the Federal government from Mr. Cabal were needed and essential in his defense from the state charges". Mr. Bush and his legal counsels should have known that as well!


1. Jesus Alberto Cabal was a resident of The United States for almost 30 years, and he had never been accused of any crimes in any state previous to the alleged "rape" charges filed in Texas. It is too much of a coincidence that the charges were filed in a state of the Union where "Mr. George W. Bush" had been the governor just a few months earlier.

2. The alleged rape charge against Mr. Cabal was assigned to purportedly the "most conservative judge in the state of Texas" according with the many lawyers who talked to Mr. Cabal in this regard. As a matter of fact, most lawyers as soon as they found out that the case had been assigned to judge Peschall used to say: "To be honest with you Mr. Cabal, your chances of prevailing on the merits with this judge presiding are almost zero". Under those conditions, it is no surprising that the entire proceedings plus the trial of the case were conducted under a strict censorship prohibiting the general public and the news media from having access to the facts of the case. Without a doubt, this was something done as to ensure that Mr. Cabal could not have a chance to prevail on the merits.

3. Almost all the law suits that Jesus Alberto Cabal filed in federal courts of the United States since the year of 1982 were filed in the state of "Missouri". When Mr. Bush was elected the first thing he did was to name as U.S Attorney General a Mr. John Ashcroft who was a former governor of "Missouri", and whose office Mr. Cabal had contacted on several occasions during the 1980s seeking help in his civil law suits. Mr Ashcroft was not precisely known as a great legal mind.

4. After taking office Mr. Bush also named as White House counsel a Hispanic lawyer with the name of "Alberto Gonzales" who had been born in the metro area where the events took place (San Antonio). What a coincidence that Mr. Cabal´s middle name is also "Alberto". In fact, the closest town to the city in which he lived in Texas just before being charged with the "alleged rape" is known as "Gonzales".

5. Furthermore, two (2) law suits that "Jesus A. Cabal" filed in the U.S District Court in San Antonio, Texas, against officials and agencies of the U.S Government and the State of Texas alike, were assigned to a Republican Federal Judge named "Edward Prado" who had been appointed to the bench by former President "Ronald W. Reagan", a named co-conspirator in both law suits altogether with former President "George H.W. Bush" (father). Now, in spite of Mr. Cabal's objections to the appointment of this Judge on the grounds that he had a clear "conflict of interest", Judge Prado eventually dismissed both law suits without a hearing on the matter ignoring the provisions of Rule 56 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and therefore ignoring the overwhelming evidence in support of the existence of a massive conspiracy to violate the civil rights of "Jesus A. Cabal" by government officials. To make a story short: What was the payout for "Judge Prado" after his grossly unlawful behaviour? Well, a few months later President George W. Bush himself appointed him as an Appellate Judge to the powerful "U.S Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit".

6. Since the nineteen eighties government officials, (or "agents"), have been spreading rumors throughout the United States alleging that President Ronald Reagan suspended Jesus Cabal's rights because purportedly there was an individual of "African Descent" who was claiming to have engaged in homosexual activity with him. Ironically, one of the two "female thugs" who victimized Mr. Cabal in the state of Texas turned out to be a "homosexual young man" who was dressed as a woman, and who in that particular night was trying to coerce Jesus to sodomize him. This behavior was something that Jesus emphatically rejected. Folks, I hereby submit to you that these facts are without a doubt strong evidence of a "criminal conspiracy" against Jesus Alberto Cabal, and argument which is reinforced by a "strict censorship" of more than forty (40) years.

7. Additionally, the two letters from "CBS" and "USA TODAY" sent to Jesus Cabal and dated March and November of 1988, which have been posted in this Web Site as "Exhibits" might very well indicate that Mr. Bush´s actions were not only in furtherance of a conspiracy, but also an act of "personal revenge" as a result of Jesus Cabal´s past comments and law suits involving his own father, the former President George H.W. Bush.

Now. Is all of this just a coincidence? Not quite. This is direct evidence (not circumstantial), that "Mr. George W. Bush" was sending out the message to Mr. Cabal: "I am out to get you!... And folks...He really did it!".


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